• さくさく抹茶おもて2000x1400

    Uji Matcha Kinako Soy Bean Snack

    Roasted Soy beans covered with roasted soy beans powder ,called Kinako in Japan, and Uji-matcha powder.
    Containing Uji-matcha of Kyoko, you can enjoy the flavor of Japan.
    Not genetically modified soy beans.

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    Fried Broad Beans

    Crispy fried broad beans with lightly salted taste.

  • _DSC0051

    Kinako Soy Bean

    Cruchy soybeans covered with sweet roasted soybeans powder(kown as Kinako in Japanese).

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    Hokkaido Roasted Black Soy Bean

    Roasted black soybeans from the rich nature of Hokkaido.

  • _DSC5232

    Honey Butter Roasted Mixed Nuts

    Roasted Almonds and Peanuts coated with honey and butter.

  • _DSC7668

    Soy Source Cashew Nuts

    Crunchy Roasted Cashew nuts covered with Japanese soy source (Shoyu).

  • _DSC7672

    Soy Sauce Peanuts

    Cruchy Roasted Peanuts covered with Japanese soy sauce (Shoyu).

  • HQN_140_2000x1400

    High Quality Mixed Nuts

    Arima's prime mixed nuts with roasted almonds, cashew nuts and walnuts with lightly salted taste.

  • _DSC1323

    Kioke Soy Saurce Mixed Nuts

    Mixed nuts with roasted almonds, cashew nuts and walnuts with soy sauce made by Kioke (wood barrel) which is
    rare and the traditional manufacturing method in Japan.