The story of the Founder of the company. ” Yoshika Arima”

Yoshika Arima, whose previous Job was Custom officer at Kobe in Japan,
worked for a management division of Imported peanuts.

His wife, whose name was “Sato”, had a good head for managing business.
She was asked her friends to help to work at Tea business and did it.
However, the wife of Custom officer was not permitted to work at that time.
So, He left Custom and challenged new life with his wife to start founding food processing company of peanuts.

He was familiar with Peanuts because of handling it at previous Job.

  • Founder Yoshika

  • Co-founder Sato

  • Factory in 1980

  • New factroy built in 2014

  • Delivery ban in 1950

  • Our retail shop in 1960

  • Delivery ban in 1980

  • Factory in 1990