We built a new factory for the purpose of further safe and secure manufacturing, creating an environment aiming to open up new markets, and improving the working environment.

The new factory was constructed in October 2012 in Inami-cho, Kako-gun, located in the southwestern part of Hyogo prefecture.

Inami Town, where the factory is located, is rich in nature, but it is a land with few natural disasters.

The work of the production department of the factory is carried out in the processing department and the packaging department.
In the processing department, we work on frying and roasting beans and nuts.

  • Processing room

  • Temprature controlled storage room

After that, the products processed in the packaging department are weighed, filled with nitrogen, packed in boxes, and shipped to the customer.
The packaging department has a measuring machine that automatically weighs and mixes five types of products.
In addition, an X-ray inspection machine has been introduced to manage product follow-up surveys.

  • Packing room

  • Weight checker

  • X-ray check to avoid foreign materials.