About us

Management Philosophy

Cherishing one bean” is the word which was passed by the founder.
Bean in Japanese, which is called “Mame” have many meanings.
“Mame” originally means a seed of plant.
But it also contains another meaning such as Sincerity, Honesty and Faithfulness.

We will contribute to the creation of a bright workplace and the local community by not wasting a single bean spirit and doing sincere and earnest business.

Greeting from representative

Thank you for being interested in our company.
Arima Hokodo Co., Ltd. was established in 1921. Since then we are doing business with strong preference of quality.
Since its founding, Arima has been particular about materials and values freshness.
The main ingredient in our product we make is agricultural crops that are affected by the weather. Therefore, it is important to visit the field where this crop can be grown.
We share our thoughts with various parties involved in farmers, processing factories and trading companies and manufacture delicious, safe and secure products by handling only the raw materials that we believe we can deliver with confidence.
We are continuing various attempts for freshness based on the idea that bean confectionery is fresh and customers can enjoy the true taste by delivering it directly to the store.
To this day, we have endeavored to be a company that everyone can trust by conducting honest and sincere management with an emphasis on materials, freshness, and cleanliness.

CEO Eiichi Arima

For instance, when we select the material, we send our staff to see its growing place. And we directly contact farmer, processing plant and trading company to get know its quality.
We believe it is important for us to make good relation to our stakeholder such as farmer, factory for processing and trading company. We are continuously doing this style of business since we established.
Our mission is producing quality products with preference of its freshness and taste.

We will continue to spread the deliciousness of beans to the world without forgetting the spirit of the words ” Cherishing one bean”” that our ancestors have been talking about.
The year of 2021, we will celebrate 100th anniversary in October.
On behalf of Arima Hokodo Co., Ltd, we would like to thank for your support.

Company name comes from Founder’s name.


“Yoshika “, which is the name of Founder, consists of two Kanji Character also can be pronounced ” Hoko.”
Both Kanji character have meaning rerated aroma, smelling and fragrance.
Fresh roasted and fried product have good fragrance.
It sharpens a people’s appetited. His imagination spread out.
And He decided to name ” Hoko” as its new company name.

Company profile

Name Arima Hokodo Co., Ltd.
CEO Eiichi Arima
Capital 30,000,000 JPY
Head Offcie 3627-3 Kako Inamicho Kakogun Hyogo 675-1105 Japan
Phone +81-79-492-0055
Fax +81-79-492-0056
Established 1921
Incorporated 1949
Business Details Nuts snack manufacturing, processing and packing, and distributing in Japan and overseas.



  • Head Office

    3627-3 Kako Inamicho Kakogun Hyogo 675-1105 Japan

  • Kobe Office

    7-1-2 Shimosawatori Hyogoku Kobe Hyogo 652-0047 Japan
    Tel +81-78-577-3581

  • Sanpal Shop

    Sanpal Building 1F 5-3-1-114 Kumoitori Chuoku Kobe Hyogo 651-0096 Japan